Equity & InclusionOct 8, 2020

updated Jan 5, 2021

Philanthropic Round Table — Students Take Over!

A virtual homecoming of sorts, celebrating Horizons and girls' leadership

On Saturday, October 17, we celebrated the return of students to campus with a student takeover of one of Miss Hall’s signature events: the Philanthropic Round Table.

Started in 1998 by Head of School Jeannie Norris, the Philanthropic Round Table (PRT) was an annual conversation that brought together thought-leaders, donors, and school leadership in conversation about women’s giving and our commitment to the common good.

This year saw a virtual twist on this groundbreaking program. Students living the MHS mission as "bold and creative contributors to the common good" took center stage to address a central question:

What happens in 9th grade at Miss Hall’s School that, by sophomore year, young women are creating their own philanthropic passion projects?

School President Hannah Holt ’21 welcomed the group of more than 50 alumnae, family, and friends. Horizons leaders Alison Basdekis and Emerald Power framed the discussion. Ten students presented their projects, shared their inspiration, and discussed the impact of their work:

  • Cailyn Tetteh ’22 & Truc Hoang ’22, MHS Community Action Fund
  • Diana Sobolieva ’21, TedX
  • Julianna Jia ‘22, Dorothy Shi ‘22, and Christina Zheng ‘22, R.A.F.T. (Relief Awareness Facts Team)
  • Dillon Rodgers ’21, Community Organizing
  • Yuki Enoma ’22, Jo Swallie ’22, and Samantha Taxter ’22, Project G.I.R.L. (Gumption in Real Life)

I am so impressed by all that is coming out of Miss Hall's today. The young women who presented their passion projects at the recent Philanthropic Round Table are already problem-solvers and leaders — just what the world needs now.

Executive Director, National Coalition of Girls Schools

Alumnae moderators — each a change-maker herself — expertly guided small group conversations about women’s and youth-led philanthropy today:

  • Eliza Rodrigs ’08
  • Jadé James ’17
  • Hayden Gillooly ’17
  • Ayla Wallace ’20

The gathering, which concluded with a virtual reception, provided meaningful moments of community connection and an opportunity to engage with the life and mission of MHS.

As participants departed, they completed an “exit ticket” to gather ideas for collaboration and how alumnae and members of the extended MHS family might share their expertise with today’s students. If you are interested in getting involved, please take a moment to let us know!

Watch the event below