AcademicsMar 7, 2021

— updated Mar 23, 2021

Students showcase personal passion projects

Students’ presentations for Hallmark Humanities were personal, deeply researched, and fascinating

Miss Hall’s juniors and seniors presented the culmination of year-long research projects to the community on Sunday, February 28, 2021. Members of our Hallmark Humanities seminar, these students chose topics of personal interest to them, guided their own advanced research, and delivered 10-minute talks on what they found.

Media and the Vietnam War

Examining complex historical “truth” and memory
by Trúc ’21

Truc's Artifact — "46 Images of the Vietnam War"

(Some images contain graphic content)

Women in veterinary medicine

Exploring current gender inequalities in one of the first female-dominated STEM fields
by Emma ’21

교육열 Gyo-yuk-yeol (Korean Education Fever)

Causes of and remedies for overheated competition in the Hagwon Empire and beyond
by 신지호 Jiho ’21

Religious persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses

A look at Nazi-era Germany and present-day Russia
by Rose ’21

The evolution of the vampire in 18th-19th century European literature

by Selina ’21

The unspoken story of the sterilization of Puerto Rican women

by Alessandra ’21

Larger than life: Gen Z and stan culture

by Cailyn ’21

A 35-year look at public attitudes toward adolescent depression

by Ivy ’21

Ivy's Artifact

Beyond the dance

Examining Eurocentrism and sexism in ballet and contemporary dance
by Olivia ’21

Olivia's Artifact

The portrayal of demons in Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter

by Juju ’21

Juju's Artifact

Elements of control and resistance in YA dystopian literature and the correlation to Gen Z activism

by Phuong ’21

The sad clown paradox

How comedians use humor to explore mental health and trauma
by Hannah ’21

Hannah's Artifact