School NewsMay 6, 2021

updated May 6, 2021

Encouraging Students to be their best selves

The year's second Pietas award is presented to Alison Basdekis.

Pietas Awards are presented twice each year to faculty and/or staff members who go above and beyond for the MHS Community.

The year's second award was recently presented to Director of Horizons Alison Basdekis, who has overseen the School’s signature program since 2011. Alison joined MHS in 2009 as a Horizons Advisor and Athletics Coach, and she and her team have taken bold steps to evolve the program as it heads toward it 30th year.

Student nominators Selina Li ’21, Diana Sobolieva ’21, Phuong Vo ’21, Randi McGeary ’22, and Neda Dimolareva ’22 cited Ms. Basdekis for her positivity and support, influence on their Horizons experiences, and heartwarming attitude — even a ride to their Horizons site when they missed the bus!

Congratulations, Alison!

Click here to read more about the Horizons program.

Listen to the students' nomination

Previous Pietas Recipients

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