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updated Jun 21, 2022

Moving beyond A.P.


There are five Ping-Pong balls in a bag. One of the Ping-Pong balls is green. Reach into the bag and select a ball. What is the probability it will be the green one?

What are the odds Ms. 萨顿会在她的Hallmark统计学课上问你这样的问题? The short answer: probably next to none.

Nolan Oxley

“Hallmark Statistics is built around real-world problems,” explains Math Teacher Joanna Sutton, who introduced the class during the 2019-20 school year. “JDB夺宝使用的材料与学生的生活直接相关, 我想为学生们提供的应用程序不仅强调他们所学内容的重要性, but also mean something to them.”

这些概念——以项目为基础的工作和对个人兴趣科目的深入调查——是重新构想的霍尔女士课程的两个基石,并继续发展. The latest evolution? “Hallmark” courses.

Introduced in the 2019-20 school year, these forward- thinking, upper-level classes allow for personalized, in-depth, and sustained inquiry. 他们也为学生提供先进的工作在MHS的核心能力的视觉, voice, interpersonal efficacy, and gumption, 它们已经取代了MHS学术项目中的先修课程(AP).

贺曼统计是贺曼在2019-20学年推出的9门课程之一,每个学部至少有一门. 2020-21年,MHS课程目录包括16门Hallmark课程. (在2020-21学年,霍尔老师总共有21个班级被重新设计 before 由于冠状病毒/COVID-19大流行,MHS教员深入调整了在线和混合学习模式.)

重新设计的课程围绕三个学术层次展开. Foundational courses, typically taken as ninth-graders and sophomores, 为学生提供在每个学科取得成功所必需的核心技能. Electives, typically sophomore year and beyond, 为学生提供广泛的课堂体验和机会,以深入研究他们最感兴趣的学科领域. Hallmarks cap the MHS academic experience.


“These are higher-level, challenging, dynamic, innovative courses,” explains Dean of Academics and Faculty Lisa Alberti ’73. “它们是学生进行个人探究和调查的机会,也是学生深入研究的机会, 使用他们在早期课程中学到的基本技能.”

In Hallmark, for example, students work with advanced sources. 这些课程要求学生有上进心,能独立工作, and there is often a public component, 让学生有机会与学校分享他们所学到的知识. Further, Dean Alberti points out, the idea behind Hallmark is not simply “more,贺曼公司的课程并不是一种大学体验.“

她指出:“JDB夺宝为学生提供了一种经历,为他们上大学及以后的生活做准备。. "The skills students are developing now, at Miss Hall’s, 学院和大学对申请者的要求是什么. Hallmark的课程为学生提供了一个了解大学水平课程的窗口,并为他们在下一所学校的卓越和贡献做好准备.”

Colleges and universities want students who are involved, independently driven, proactive, and users of knowledge.

Director of College Counseling

重新设计MHS课程并引入Hallmark贺卡公司的决定已经酝酿了好几年, notes Director of Academic Counseling Sarah Virden.

“We wrestled with a number of questions — Is it feasible? Can we do it? What are the options?” Ms. 这些对话延伸到了大学招生办公室. “JDB夺宝问了很多JDB电子夺宝贺曼品牌将如何被解读以及它对JDB夺宝的学生意味着什么的问题, and we were told, ‘You’re not alone.’

Lisa Alberti ’73

“大学告诉JDB夺宝的是,描述Hallmark是什么,以及它在课程中的地位,” she adds. In other words, 他们想知道霍尔老师的学生选择了最合适的、最高级的课程.

“Many, 许多私立高中已经或正在向这个方向发展,MHS大学咨询主任考特尼·哈奇·布劳维尔特补充道. “This is not news at all to college admissions offices. JDB夺宝还咨询了他们最成功的申请者需要的技能, so those concepts could be built into course development. Colleges and universities want students who are involved, independently driven, proactive, and users of knowledge.”

未来的学生和家庭也对Hallmark贺卡做出了热情的回应, notes David Hopkins, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management.

“They are excited by the opportunity for focused, 深度学习允许学生和教师全面参与一个主题领域,并真正从独特和不同的角度探索他们的激情,” Mr. Hopkins says. “他们很高兴在学习与他们生活相关和有趣的话题的同时,建立和实践他们在大学所需的研究和批判性思维技能.”

Mr. Hopkins notes, however, that Hallmark does require added conversations with families, 尤其是那些习惯认为AP是教育的黄金标准,并根据AP提供的数量来评判或排名学校的人. 霍尔马克公司是在与大学招生办公室协商后开发出来的,与家庭沟通这一点非常重要, 并让他们知道,Hallmark课程所建立的技能正是大学在申请者身上寻找的技能,” he adds.

2019-20学年最后几周,疫情迫使学生在线上课, so some of the public presentations did not happen as planned, but there were several of those experiences earlier in the year. Hallmark人文学科的学生分享他们的工作,并从学生和成年人那里寻求反馈, 霍尔马克艺术学院的学生们展示他们的作品时,MHS的成年人旁听了审查小组.

In her classroom, Ms. 萨顿认为,让学生以超越应用统计数学的方式参与,会让他们产生更深刻的共鸣. During the course of the year, for example, 这门课探讨了社会正义问题和与选举有关的问题, two areas of particular interest to the students.

其中一个班级项目研究了特定地区的人口普查数据,并将其与同一地区的监狱人口进行了比较. Another looked at graphs from news outlets, 并展示了如何操纵这些图表来适应一个观点. Other students examined the U.S. Gender Wage Gap, and outlined its economic and social costs.

"The 2019-20 school year was a great entry point,” Ms. 维尔登补充说,今年每个部门都扩大了Hallmark的员工名单. “It allowed us to showcase what is possible, JDB夺宝看到了学生和教师的热情和投入. The courses our students have the opportunity to take, whether Hallmark or our electives, are amazing.”