欢迎新老师 & 工作人员!

A wealth of talent brings new possibilities to MHS

New faculty and staff members are bringing a breadth and depth of experiences and talents to the community as we start the 2021-22 academic year. 会有一些新的, 教室里亮堂堂的面孔, 莱昂哈特学术技能中心, 休姆斯·尤斯顿图书馆, 招生办公室和校园周围.

今年JDB夺宝还欢迎四位新管理员. JDB夺宝期待着他们的所有贡献!

Paula麦克布莱德方式 加入JDB电子夺宝的图书管理员队伍. Paula has eighteen years of experience as an independent, boarding school librarian and currently works as a Circulation Clerk at the Berkshire Athenaeum, 在皮茨菲尔德. 以前, she worked as a Librarian and Teacher at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, 在沃尔瑟姆, 麻萨诸塞州, 并在福尔曼学院任职, 在Litchfield, 康涅狄格, 教法语, 历史, 和写作课程. 宝拉拿着J.D. 来自约克大学奥斯古德霍尔法学院, and a Master of Library and Information Studies from Dalhousie University. She is the daughter-in-law of former MHS Latin Teacher, 注册商, 大学辅导员, 副校长乔·伯格, 前体育总监, 教练, 档案管理员, and Alumna Association Executive Secretary Madge Buerger!

温迪原谅 joins Miss Hall’s as an Academic Support Learning Specialist in 莱昂哈特学术技能中心, bringing extensive experience in providing learning 支持 to high school and college students. 温蒂从曼斯菲尔德大厅来到MHS, 在伯灵顿, 佛蒙特州, 她从2017年开始在那里担任学术主任, overseeing a comprehensive program of academic skill development, 指导, 支持, 以及对学生的倡导. 以前, she was Lead Academic Support Teacher at Bancroft School, 伍斯特市, 麻萨诸塞州, 并有特殊教育教师的经验, 学习专业, 兼职教授, 教室的老师, and 指导 counselor at public and independent schools and the college level. 温迪拿着一个M.Ed. in Psychiatric Services/Special Education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.A. in Eastern European Area Studies from Tufts University.

帕梅拉附近 加入MHS成为学校护士之一. Pam is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with experience in pediatric practice, 医院/急救护理, 老年护理, 和COVID疫苗接种. 她从麦可尼儿科来到MHS, 在巴林顿, 麻萨诸塞州, and previously worked at Kimball Farms in nearby Lenox and at Fairview Hospital, 也在大巴林顿. Pam is a graduate of the Certified Nurse Assistant program at Berkshire Community College and worked for many years in the health field before returning to school and earning her L.P.N. certification in 2018, also from Berkshire Community College.

表现力艺术系欢迎 杰弗里•霍华德 成为新的器乐老师. Jeffrey is a professional musician and music educator who most recently taught online and in-person lessons on the guitar, 低音, 钢琴, and drums to students of all ages at the School of Rock in West Hartford, 康涅狄格. 2020年3月以来, he has also taught ukulele to elementary and middle school students in the Berkshire Hills Regional School District’s “Project Connection” enrichment program 在巴林顿, 麻萨诸塞州. 做了十年的音乐老师, 杰弗里有音乐顾问的经验, 记者, 和艺术 & 娱乐编辑器. 他持有M.S. in Human Development and Education from the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education and a B.A. 罗切斯特大学的心理学教授.

Alison Quiñones Johnson ' 03 作为一名数学老师回到MHS. 最近, Alison has been an independently contracted online Science Teacher with the Virtual High School Collaborative, and she taught Biology in the Spring of 2020 at MHS as a parental leave replacement. Her experience includes teaching middle school math and science, 作为MCAS私人导师工作, 和教学结构 & 生理学, 美联社生物学, 化学, and Engineering courses at Monument Mountain Regional High School, 在巴林顿, 麻萨诸塞州, where she was also Choreography Director for musicals and coach for the dance team. 艾莉森持有M.Ed. in Secondary Education: Biology from the Boston College Lynch School of Education and a B.S. 在生物学中, with a concentration in Neuroscience and minors in 化学 and Spanish, 来自伊曼纽尔学院.

莎拉·安德森锁 今年会教贺曼艺术史吗. Sarah is actively engaged in the visual art world as a practicing artist, 艺术专业, 和老师. 了十年, Sarah served as the Arts Administrator at the Hotchkiss School, 在Lakeville, 康涅狄格, responsible for managing the school’s Tremaine Art Gallery. Co-founder and Executive Director of the Rural Projects Artists Residency, 在加勒廷, 纽约, 莎拉持有M.F.A. 毕业于帕森斯设计学院绘画专业,获B.A. 在芒特霍利奥克学院的工作室艺术. 她目前正在攻读M.A. 艺术史:现当代艺术, 批评, 和理论, 在S.U.N.Y. 购买学院在购买,纽约.

菲尔·诺尔 has joined the Expressive Arts Department and will teach Studio Art I. 菲尔。, who also teaches art at Berkshire Country Day School in nearby Stockbridge, is an artist who has shown his work extensively in solo and group exhibitions, and has been included in numerous arts publications. His drawings are included in The Rothschild Contemporary Drawing Collection at the Museum of Modern Art, and his work has been shown at the Palo Alto Museum of Art, 德科尔多瓦博物馆, 沃克艺术中心, 丹弗斯博物馆, 和卡内基艺术博物馆. 菲尔。 received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas and an M.F.A. 弗吉尼亚联邦大学. 他是兰那20年的父亲.

克里斯蒂娜·米尔斯 has joined the School as Admissions Office Manager, responsible for the coordination of all admissions functions, 包括数据库管理和报告. 在过去的九年里, Christina has worked as the Studio Manager for Tricia McCormack Photography and Berkshire Photo Booth, 都在勒诺克斯附近. From 2012 to 2019, she was also the Studio Manager for TK-Fit, also in Lenox. 以前, she held administrative and program finance roles at General Dynamics, 在皮茨菲尔德, and the CNA Corporation and Analytics Services Inc.这两个州都在弗吉尼亚州. 克里斯蒂娜的成绩是B.A. 用俄语从罗切斯特大学毕业. Her daughter, Juliana, is a member of the MHS Class of 2024.

诺兰奥克斯利 has joined Miss Hall’s as Associate Director of Admissions, responsible for all aspects of student recruitment, 包括旅游, 举办校园活动, and being the primary point of contact for prospective students and families throughout their application and admission process. Since 2013, Nolan has worked in the Admissions department at Elmira College, in Elmira, N.Y., beginning as a Graduate Assistant and most recently serving as Associate Director of Admissions & Pre-Health招聘. 在埃尔迈拉, Nolan recruited college students from across the United States, 举办活动, and supervised the college’s Student Am低音ador program. 诺兰获得了M.S. 在企业和社区教育中,获得B.S. in Speech and Hearing Science, and a minor in Theatre, all from Elmira College.